5 Things Microsoft plans to keep aloof from Customers

Microsoft is trying to inch closer towards cloud by shoring up other money makers like Windows 8, Office 365 and other client based products. The plans from Redmond are concealed from public and the company prefers not to talk about the following 5 things:

  1. Emphasis on Windows Azure- The enterprise grade Cloud Platform:

    Windows Cloud Platform exposes you to a myriad of options making release experience exquisite. Flexibility to build, deploy and manage applications along with facilities of load balancing, automatic OS and service patching and resiliency to hardware failure makes Azure a winner.

  2. Business model to target Consumers:

    Windows RT which is the ARM based version of Windows on tablets doesn’t provide the same manageability features as 32-bit and 64-bit versions but the power efficient tablets are useful in difficult environments. The Metro interface has not gone well with entrepreneurs because it would involve UI training for its employees.

  3. Microsoft is favouring Pro-Windows decisions:

    Decision to stultify Visual Studio Express from producing any standard Windows application amazed everyone. Fortunately the decision was later reversed but it clearly proved once again that the decisions at Redmond are favouring Windows.

  4. Windows 7 is a rock solid upgrade over Win XP:

    The transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 is underway in most of the organizations at a time when Microsoft is planning to launch its latest OS, Windows 8. Market is not comfortable with another upgrade because it will involve a lot of training costs. Windows 8 boasts of some of the unique features like Windows To Go, a faster boot sequence and better Bit Locker support, but yet falls short of convincing entrepreneurs for a switch from Windows 7.

  5. The road ahead is blurred:

    Microsoft knows that they are running a marathon and not a sprint. Hence, the road ahead looks fuzzy and their moves are kept secret so that when the products are unleashed in the market, the brouhaha around it can be converted into sales.

Microsoft faces innumerable problems and only time can tell if their mammoth experience and solid vision can take them through.

Jul 2012
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