NSW State Forests, Best Managed in the World

By Steven Macdessi,

Environment plays an important role in the existence and survival of human beings. A healthy environment full of forests not only makes our surroundings pleasant but also provides us various other benefits. Unfortunately, a large number of forests have been cut down in the past few decades due to increase in the world’s population. This has resulted in an increase in the temperature of earth. The government of various countries has stepped forward to ensure health living by growing new forests and plants. When it comes to the forests then only one name comes in our mind that is NSW state forests which are considered as the best managed forests in the world.

NSW forests are managed in such a way to not only ensure the provision of forest products but also give a healthy environment to our ancestors. These forests have been managed by following the latest forest management standards. The guiding philosophy behind these forests is the ecologically sustainable forest management (ESFM). It involves various strategies and action plans for maintaining the forests.

The success of NSW forests lie in the fact that they are being monitored by highly skilled and experienced professional who follow the Australian Forestry Standard – AS 4708:2007 (AFS). These professional are certified and registered foresters that ensures the growth of high quality timer and other forest products not only for meeting the current needs but also the future needs. Australian forestry standards have been adopted by various other countries for promoting the growth of forests in their country. Apart from the general maintenance, a team of professionals are also hired to save NSW forests from any type of damage caused due to fire, pests, domestic grazing etc.

NSW forests are monitored by following the environmental management system (EMS) which is certified to ISO 14001 standards. These standards measures and supervise the environmental performance. The management of NSW forests adopts continual improvement cycle for ensuring the continuous improvement. This cycle basically consists of 4 main steps. In the first step, action plan is made in order to improve those areas which need any upgrading. In the second step, the action plan is being implemented. It is then evaluated and analyzed in order to measure the success rate. If the plan gives required results then the plan is being followed on permanent basis. The main purpose of using this improvement lifecycle is to enhance the productivity per acre of land.

NSW forests are contributing a lot towards the economy of the country. Apart from saving the environment, it has provided a health place for recreational activities. It has promoted green trend throughout the world. People quote the NSW forests for explaining the advantages of an efficient management system. The local and federal government has helped a lot in making NSW forests what they are now.

According to the recent statistics, NSW forests contributed $38 million towards the economy. These forests gave rise to social development, economic development, nature conservation and natural heritage. NSW forests are an example of efficient management and people of Australia are proud of it.

Apr 2012
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Construction Booms As Housing Slides

The global economic recession nowadays requires individuals to strive hard and look for alternatives to be able to survive in their day to day living. Shelter is known to be one of the most critical necessities that individuals should satisfy. Most of us want to own our home but due to many circumstances we are bound by limitations.
The impractical capacities of individuals and families to build their own homes has resulted in an increasing growth in the construction sector People are becoming wiser nowadays by which allows them to decide on having apartments rather than houses.
There are several reasons why individuals turn their houses into residential building which was in fact proven by the figures shown in the records.

Why Choose Residential Buildings than a House?

The choice between having apartment over a house is a daunting one to make. This is why you have to be careful in making the final decision. Here are some the things you may want to consider whenever you need to choose between having apartment rather than a house.

  1. Know your priorities.

    Selecting between having an apartment or house is not always about taste. People have several reasons in choosing one option above the other and the most probable cause depends on their priorities. Some find it comforting to be liberated by not disturbing anyone while some want to have accessible neighbours who are just another step away who can be relied upon whenever they need something.

  2. Identify your requirements.

    Your requirements might be different from others. That is why you have to know yours for you to make choices that can satisfy your needs. The best options come with those that are able to provide you exactly with your required qualities and capabilities.

  3. Compare each option.

    To help you figure out which option might best suit your needs, you have to look at the pros and cons.

    • Security – Be certain you have chosen the one that can secure you and your family. Some find having a house is more secure than living in an apartment because you can be free inside your home. While some feel more secure with apartments because security services are included in it.
    • Privacy – If you do not want other people to intervene in your life then you have to make sure to choose the one that can protect your privacy. Living in an apartment can trim down your privacy. One step and you are in the neighbouring apartment by which almost all of your conversations will be heard unless you are talking in minimum and the walls are sound proof. Otherwise, you have to make sure that you are aware of what you are doing and what you are saying.
    • Cost – Apartments offer less maintenance cost because you do not have to spend on maintaining your garden, your dining or even your living room. Moreover, you are not the one that will shoulder repairs whenever necessary because the landlord will do it for you.
    • Convenience – In terms of convenience, people might include different factors to consider. Like for instance, the location can bring you convenience if it would be just a walk away from the city or from work.

People have different needs, priorities and preferences by which determine their choice for which between having a home or apartment is more suitable or not. Be guided by these points for you to find sure fire satisfaction in your investment.

Dec 2011
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Steven Macdessi

Steven Macdessi – Part Time Lecturer, Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building, University of Technology Sydney (2010)

Date: February 2010


Steven Macdessi holds a part time lecturing position with the School of Built Environment at the University of Technology Sydney for 2010.

The subjects lectured by Steven Macdessi include Site Management, Site Establishment, Quality Management, Time Management and Human Resource Management.

The theory combined with Steven Macdessi’s years of industry experience in project management is designed to give the students of this class a practical application to the fundamentals of project management in construction.


Mar 2010
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