The Organic Project Manager

By Steven Macdessi

Whenever we define the duties of a project manager then we simply say that he is the one who plans, organizes and controls the resources required for completing a project successfully but have you ever thought about the human nature of a project manager?  Apart from planning, controlling and leading, a project manager should also behave humanly with his team. Although, it seems a little thing but it has a great impact on the working and efficiency of all the team members.


Project Manager Should Remember the Human Element

Team work is the essence of a project management. A project manager have to work efficiently in a team environment and this can only be done by keeping in mind the human element of his personality. By a human element, I mean to say that he should do planning, organizing and leading by keeping in mind that being a human being his team members may have some limitations. I have personally seen various project managers who make unpractical strategies that are impossible to achieve. This not only increases stress and de motivation among the team members but also decreases their efficiency.

Thinking and Acting on Human Grounds

Now when we have come to the point that it is very important for a project manager to behave humanly then the next question arises that how can a project manager think and act on human grounds? Following are some the things by doing so you can ensure a good humanly relationship with you team.

Understanding the Problems of Team Members

The most important thing you need to do is, understanding the problems of your team members as it will increase their confidence. You need to understand their personal as well as professional problems that may create hindrance in their work. By doing so, your employees will feel honored and happy on getting so much importance.

Know About the Psyche of Team Members

If you actually want to get your required results within minimum time then you need to know the psyche of every team member so that you may treat them according to their nature. You may divide your team members on the basis of their personality. Every person has specific skills and abilities and you have to take benefit from those skills. This is only possible when you know about your team members in depth.

Be Practical

The stamina of every person is different from the others. If one person can perform any task within 30 minutes then it is not necessary that the other person will also do it within the same time. You should divide the job tasks according to the working capacity of every individual. Setting an impractical goal has more harms then benefits. You should have a practical approach towards everything.

Good Communication

The success of a project mainly depends on an effective communication so being a project manager; you should have excellent communication skills. Instead of using a third mean, you should directly communicate with all your team members as it will decrease the chances of any misunderstanding about the project.


Encourage the Team Members

An efficient project manager is the one who encourages his team members to share their ideas and thoughts for improving the whole process. It has two benefits. Firstly, it will increase the confidence of team members and secondly it will help you to get innovative ideas.

Avoid Bossy Attitude

By a bossy attitude, I mean that you should not misuse your power against the team members. Some of the project managers force the team members to follow their decisions without listening to them. You should avoid doing so.

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